How do I scape runes?

So for starters, I play exclusively Old School RuneScape! That being said, I have a few different accounts in various different phases of either actively playing, on hold, or in planning. Here's a breakdown of ones that I've started on!

  • Main account: actively playing
  • This one's pretty straightforward! I'm trying to get this account to be my all-around high stats, PvM account. I'm not a super hard grinder so I'm definitely taking my time, but typical main account things here.

  • Varrock Chunklocked: on hold
  • A fun little account - not an ironman, so it can use the GE, but it cannot leave the Varrock/GE chunks of the game. I do want to continue on with this one because it has access to a good amount of content despite the relatively small space, and I kinda think it's more fun than the premise sounds even.

What runes am I scaping?

Most recent update: 5/25/23 (Main Account)

Well, I last left off wanting to do Temple Trekking - which I did some of! I finished my Morytania hard diary and had some fun Trekking - but I felt like it was delaying my goals. So I've been refocusing!

To put a long story short: I did some grinds on my skills. Got my Agility to 70, my Mining to 70 (thanks Motherlode Mine), my Farming to 66 - I've been putting the work in. In addition to that, I've been continuing enjoying quests - primarily Dragon Slayer II.

Finishing DS2 genuinely felt like a huge accomplishment. I love my Mythical Cape, and getting through the quest with under 100 combat level is something I'm pretty proud of. Afterwards I knocked out Monkey Madness I and am finishing up my skills for Monkey Madness II as it unlocks some money makers that will help me get my remaining skills to 70 for Song of the Elves. And with that, let's get an update on my Song of the Elves requirements!

  • Agility: 70 *Done!*
  • Construction: 63
  • Farming: 66
  • Herblore: 55
  • Hunter: 70 *Done!*
  • Mining: 70 *Done!*
  • Smithing: 70 *Done!*
  • Woodcutting: 70 *Done!*

Only 3 skills to go, and they're all buyable skills. I'm not 100% sure where I'm going from here - I'm thinking about getting my Slayer to 69 (nice) for Monkey Madness II as soon as possible, and training my Ranged along the way so I can eventually try to get some Vorkath kills in. Who knows! But I'll be sure to update you all in the next one :)

The image below will always have my OSRS stats, updated live!

Stat Signature by VK Soft

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