•☽────✧˖°˖ Sites that helped me start! ˖°˖✧────☾•

This site wouldn't exist without the templates available here! I also got several ideas from their idea generator.

Their profile box on their homepage is perfect and inspired me to work on mine! Their website and graphics are beautiful in general too :)

Baahblo is a pal!! I actually wouldn't have made a neocities site at all if he hadn't encouraged me to do so :)

•☽────✧˖°˖ Neocitizens ˖°˖✧────☾•



I made a little button for myself in case anyone wants to link back here for any reason! I'll probably update this or add new ones at some point but here's a lil one for now!

Button (and favicon!) art by Vainvaiheart - it's their fanart of Ren from The Adventure Zone :)